Web Series (Pilot)


Suspense Thriller / Color / 10 Episodes (30 min.)

Web Series image

The award winning short thriller RED MAZE is now a web series.

* Episode 1 (4:32)

* Episode 2 (3:14)


RED MAZE is a suspense-filled crime thriller web series that tells the story of Joe Murphy; a down-on-his-luck boxer desperate to provide for his family and win back the confidence his wife (Anne) and their son.  Joe brazenly robs an apartment complex to score quick cash, but unwittingly stumbles onto recently committed murder. When he realizes that he isn’t alone in the apartment, he attempts to escape the situation but ends up trapped in the elevator with killer. A brutal confrontation ensues and Joe narrowly escapes using his boxing skills, but drops his cellphone in the melee. When the killer recovers, he discovers Joe’s cellphone and uses it to follow him home putting his wife in son in grave danger.



Set in Chicago, RED MAZE is a new suspense-driven web series that follows a uniquely distressed person caught in the midst of making a risky (yet pivotal) life decision… one that will inevitably lead them down a dark and twisted path. The deeper they descend into a decision-maze of their own creation, the more dire the circumstances become. Thus making it harder and harder for them or the people in their orbit to escape. Every new decision further compounds with the last until our protagonist becomes trapped and forced to confront a hard truth about themselves. Between three and four minutes in length (30 min. total), each episode of RED MAZE builds suspense using situational tension and ends on a nail-biting cliffhanger that defies the viewer’s expectations. This further ups the stakes and the danger for our main character while keeping our audience on edge with interest and anticipation. Each new season of RED MAZE will have a different protagonist, storyline, set of circumstances and supporting cast of characters.